“Research shows that 40% of the anticipated value of all business initiatives is never achieved. Poor data quality in both the planning and execution phases of these initiatives is a primary cause.”

– Gartner report – “Measuring the Business Value of Data Quality”

Data Driven

Data Driven

Most companies are striving to become more data driven, but are challenged with the multitude of variable data formats and sources. In reality though, clean quality data is essential to gaining a competitive edge.

What We Do

What We Do

We take your raw data sources and with specific preparation, analysis and validation, we transform it into uniform, actionable information that can drive value to your business.

Quality Data

Data Quality Drives Business

Clean data is critical to enable business entities to better assess, understand, and create new opportunities. Analysis of future trends and operational efficiencies cannot be achieved without uniform integrated data sources. All of which drives revenue gains and cost savings.

How Simple Data Now Helps Solve Data Quality Challenges

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