“Poor data quality effects operational efficiency, risk mitigation and agility by compromising the decisions made in each of these areas. Data quality effects overall labor productivity by as much as 20%.”

– Gartner report – “Measuring the Business Value of Data Quality”

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Data Enhancement Services

Base Cleaning Options

These options automatically included with any purchase. Select Case options below if desired.

Service Provides:

  • Removes Unwanted Characters from all fields (Trailing/Leading Spaces, Non Printable, Multiple Spaces, New Line)
  • Splits any Name, Email, Address, Date/Time fields
  • Standardizes Name Prefix/Suffix abbreviations
  • Standardizes Company Legal Entity abbreviations
  • Standardizes Street Suffix abbreviations
  • Standardizes State abbreviations
  • Flags any email addresses with invalid format

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 Minimumup to 50K50K-100K100K-250K250K-500K500K-1M1M-5M5M+
Base Cleaning (included w/all below options)$40.00$0.98$0.97$0.85$0.77$0.50$0.35$0.25
Address Validation$40.00$0.98$1.07$0.94$1.10$0.69$0.43$0.30
CASS (requires address validation)$40.00$0.98$1.07$0.94$0.60$0.38$0.25$0.17
Geocode (requires address validation)$100.00$1.95$2.15$1.89$1.25$1.27$0.90$0.62
Match or Dedupe$60.00$6.00$6.60$5.81$5.55$5.05$4.02$3.53
NPI Append$200.00$12.00$13.20$11.62$9.65$7.05$6.02$4.17

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